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Around The Yurt - detailed information about yurts

Welcome to  This is the accompanying web site of my forthcoming book, Around The Yurt.
Book: Around The Yurt

Around The Yurt
To be published

Book Details:
Looking back we gather historical facts and look at the extent of yurt use in the past. We will present evidence of yurt life for over 2600 years. We will examine yurts today, European, American and Asian.
We will examine the many adaptations of the modern yurt and discuss those figures responsible for bringing them out of Asia. Yurt makers and their yurts will be illustrated and detailed.
Yurt plans and yurt making will feature in depth articles on how to make a yurt. Yurt life will be a major section where we hope to cover every aspect of living in a yurt in detail. Every possible aspect of Yurt Life cream reviews at from purchase to moving in and beyond will be covered.
Included in this section is a “Your Story” section where we will feature short bio´s of people who live in a yurt. In addition there will be a section for serious studies (essays) and also a section for poems and creative work inspired by the yurt.
A major photo gallery will be included. In addition an extensive resource library will list the contact details and web links of 100s of useful resources.
This web site is due for completion (Phase 1) in 2009. After this it will be ongoing and ever expanding. Until phase one is complete there will be incomplete pages, sections and the content will vary from time to time as the editors get to work - if you look at a page material that isn't finished please be patient and in time we will build a wonderful repository. You can visit

Around The Yurt - detailed information about yurts

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